In 2021, the “Cité Educative d’Avignon” and the “Caisse d’allocations familiales de Vaucluse”  committed to the Orchestre National Avignon-Provence, in coordination with the socio-cultural centers  and with the support of the “Fonds de dotation Mommessin-Berger” set up a Démos orchestra on its territory. The Orchestre DEMOS National Avignon-Provence brings together around a hundred children from 6 schools in the city located in the REP + zone. It is conducted by Debora Waldman, and sponsored by the soloists of the Orchestre National Avignon-Provence.

The artistic, cultural and social system put in place for children and their families is the result of close collaboration between schools and socio-cultural centers in the neighborhoods: weekly workshops are set up during school time and extracurricular time. Processes adapted to each school and each socio-cultural center have been designed to support children and families in discovering the orchestra.

The co-construction between all the cultural, artistic, educational and social partners makes possible to carry out a collective project making artistic practice accessible to  all children in the community. Children and families are invited to take part to the musical life of the the city proposed by the orchestra, the opera, the conservatories…., and these institutions are invited to go and meet these audiences in their neighborhoods.