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14/11/2023 - Debora Waldman and David Kadouch at Aix-en-Provence

....Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6, conducted by a chief that is as fluid as she is powerful.


04/10/2023 - Rediscovery of Lucija Garuta's Piano Concerto

Under the baton of its musical director, Débora Waldman, the Orchestre National Avignon-Provence rediscovers the Piano Concerto by Lucija Garuta entrusted to the fingers of David Kadouch.

La Terrasse

13/08/2023 - La Roque d'Antheron 2023: Women's perspectives; looks, two women.

Symphony n.1 Louise Farrenc - Débora Waldman's proximity to her orchestra allows for perfect balance, precision of attack and release of energy.

Augusta Holmes, Nuit et Amour - A piece that reveals the fluid and very expressive direction of Débora Waldman, and a quality of the orchestra that knows how to bring out all the palettes of timbres with a beautiful balance.

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13/06/2023 - Débora Waldman, a passionate conductor

At 45, the musical director of the Orchestre national Avignon-Provence will conduct the 30th anniversary of the Victories de la Musique Classique that will take place on March 1st in Dijon and live on France 3 and France Musique.

Le Monde

11/02/2023 - Becoming a chef: Débora Waldman, music to poetize the world

Currently at the head of the Orchestre d'Avignon-Provence, Debora Waldman is the first woman appointed to a permanent position in France. The Israeli-Argentine leader is convinced of the power of music to transform human beings. Interview.

France Musique

04/01/2023 - The Sophies are a hit

Débora Waldman defends the work as if she had written it, mimicking all the departures, precise in her clear gesture: a style model for sparkling music, rich as one could wish. Another big congratulations to all the artisans of this extraordinary rediscovery….


03/01/2023 - At the Opera d'Avignon, a Serenade is created, a composer is discovered

Débora Waldman is, as usual, (very) lively and attentive, precisely measuring out the materials, subtly accompanying instrumental and vocal soloists for the best of a precisely resuscitated music.


27/12/2022 - Débora Waldman

She delivers an incredible music where parity and inclusion make harmony

Marie Claire Sud

12/12/2022 - The Charlotte Sohy disc elected in the Top 10 recordings of 2022 by the Bavarian Radio BR-Klassik 

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27/11/2022 -
Alain Duault's point of view: Stiffelio rediscovered at the Dijon Opera

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27/11/2022 - „Stiffelio” oder wie Verdi puritanische moral scheitern und an der bibel sich wieder aufrichten lässt!


27/11/2022 - Maestra Débora Waldman über dirigentinnen in frankreich und „Stiffelio“ in Dijon!

Maestra Débora Waldman conducts Stiffelio in Dijon.


22/11/2022 - A fascinating Verdi, to discover

The direction of Débora Waldman, precise, demanding, always concerned about everyone, has earned us an exemplary Verdi, powerful as well as intimate, restrained as feverish or violent. Blurring the dross of writing, dated, for lighter textures, where each instrument flourishes, in expressive phrasing, the conductor confirms her lyrical talents.

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20/09/2022 - Opéra de Dijon names Débora Waldman Associate Conductor


05/07/2022 - Vive Charlotte Sohy !

Diamond disc by Opéra Magazine.

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