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27/11/2022 -
Alain Duault's point of view: Stiffelio rediscovered at the Dijon Opera

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27/11/2022 - „Stiffelio” oder wie Verdi puritanische moral scheitern und an der bibel sich wieder aufrichten lässt!


27/11/2022 - Maestra Débora Waldman über dirigentinnen in frankreich und „Stiffelio“ in Dijon!

Maestra Débora Waldman conducts Stiffelio in Dijon.


22/11/2022 - A fascinating Verdi, to discover

The direction of Débora Waldman, precise, demanding, always concerned about everyone, has earned us an exemplary Verdi, powerful as well as intimate, restrained as feverish or violent. Blurring the dross of writing, dated, for lighter textures, where each instrument flourishes, in expressive phrasing, the conductor confirms her lyrical talents.

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20/09/2022 - Opéra de Dijon names Débora Waldman Associate Conductor


05/07/2022 - Vive Charlotte Sohy !

Diamond disc by Opéra Magazine.

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03/06/2022 - Charlotte Sohy, composer of the Belle Epoque - Secret Garden

Concert Classic

18/05/2022 - Charlotte Sohy, Composer of the Belle Epoque

A 5 star CD.


18/05/2022 - Charlotte Sohy's work celebrated by Débora Waldman

Thiese superb CDs, the very firts one of the new label « La boîte à pépites », was designed by the cellist Héloïse Luzzati and the conductor Débora Waldman.

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18/05/2022 - Charlotte Sohy: Orchestral Music - Orchestre national Avignon-Provence

With the label "La Boîte à Pépites", a collective of musicians rediscover forgotten work by female composers. The label continues its exploration of the works of the composer Charlotte Sohy, it's our disc of the day !

France Musique

18/05/2022 - Charlotte Sohy, an opulent heritage

The french composer inaugurates the first opus of a new label "La Boite à pépites".

Le Figaro

13/05/2022 - At the Opéra de Dijon, you become addicted to Don Pasquale

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12/05/2022 - An enjoyable Don Pasquale in Dijon


12/05/2022 - Charlotte Sohy - Compositrice de la Belle Epoque

The high quality of this album, its varied moods and blend of beauty and musical intelligence make this an adventurous label to watch. 


12/04/2022 - Idomenee the first, the new king of crete at Avignon

The Opéra Grand Avignon is presenting Mozart's "Idomeneo, re di Creta" for the first time, staged by Sandra Pocceschi and Giacomo Strada, with the Orchestre National Avignon-Provence conducted by its Musical Director, Debora Waldman.