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29/12/2020 - Debora Waldman, a female conductor leading a national orchestra

First musical director of a National orchestra, in Avignon, the conductor realizes her dream with the highest standards.

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17/11/2020 - 3 questions to.....Debora Waldman

In charge of the situation. The conductor, born in Brazil, has just taken on the duty of musical director of the Orchestre d'Avignon in September and, thereby, to become the first in France at the head of a national orchestra.


12/09/2020 - Crescendo

Debora Waldman, new musical director of the Orchestre National d'Avignon-Provence


30/08/2020 - Debora Waldman at the Orchestre Régional Avignon-Provence

Appointed in July 2019 to the musical direction of the Orchestre Régional Avignon-Provence, Debora Waldman will take the job on September 1st.

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